Visitors react as Howard Griffus displays his ship model in a tail light!.

​Amazing what can be done with just a small kit!

Howard Griffus can tell you that a lot of fun is found in speaking with the fairgoers!

Jay MacMaster can add a lively tale about the ​HMS DOLPHIN ​from a friend and previous owner that involved the Queen of England!

Bill Norris is making progress on another project!

​Who can tell what this family will build?  Perhaps we will see them again next year!

​ The guild gave away mini ship kits for younger visitors to build at home.  Special thanks to guild members John Wickman and Jon Sanford and all others who contributed to this project.   See the following pictures of young modelers, some who returned to display their craftsmanship!

Building on the site!

San Diego Ship Modelers' Guild

2016 San Diego County Fair Photos

Photos  for the most part contributed by Bill Grolz

​This young man built the model on the left!

One last picture of ​Robert Hewitt's pear and boxwood model of a Dutch Fluit.  Amazing!

Bill Grolz and Guy Lawrie setup the fair booth!

Guild member Chari Wessel under the spot light!

See you next year at the San Diego County Fair!